Tap, Jazz  and Ballet


Our core syllabus classes are part of our Studio Timetable and we follow the


Ofqual registered IDTA vocational grading system. 


Musical Theatre


Our very popular Musical Theatre classes teach a combination of singing,


dancing and acting. Many of our extra-curricular classes are Musical Theatre!

Performance Troupes

This invitation only class prepares the dancers for national and international

shows and competitions.

Extra-Curricular Classes

Fun dance classes run at your school.

Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons are available to all Footsteps students who wish to have a

1:1 weekly lesson.  Up to 3 children can attend a private lesson.

Tiny Feet

Our Tiny Feet classes are a fantastic introduction to dance and

movement classes for toddlers and their parents. With fun steps, great

music and passionate teachers we guarantee you an exciting


introduction into the world of dance. 


From walkers to pre-schoolers, all children are welcome at our classes.


My Fit Mama


These Mummy and Baby classes are suitable for new mummies after your 6/8


week checkup. We will gently re-introduce you to moving around and learning


some fun dance steps with great classes, a lovely teacher and chance to meet


other new mums.

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