why choose Footsteps for your child's dance education

What makes Footsteps Special?

Footsteps is a family. ​

Our Founder and Principal, Miss Tori (pictured above with her daughter), has spent years building a dance school whose primary focus is ensuring that every child and parent who is part of Footsteps enjoys the experience. She wants everyone who walks through our doors to feel enriched by being part of a school who cares.


We get to know every child who attends our classes and we take time to focus on their needs, their passions, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and their perceived weaknesses. We then make sure that we give them the best tuition we can, by adapting each class to suit the personalities within it.

By joining Footsteps, you aren't just sending your child to a weekly dance class, you are giving them the opportunity to experience a loving, friendly and welcoming environment where they are encouraged to grow in confidence as well as dance ability. 

Children who start their dancing journey with us fall in love with the style of teaching, the open and welcoming teachers, the hands-on approach of Miss Tori and the friendships they make from  each class, show and competition they take part in. 

Parents feel happy and confident leaving their children in our care and often tell us how thrilled they are to have found a dance school that fits their dreams for their child so perfectly. 


Just ask anyone who attends our classes and they'll tell you just how special a place Footsteps is. 


You can have a look at our Testimonials or see our Facebook / Hoop pages for real reviews from real parents. 

To read more about Miss Tori's passion for all things Footsteps, check out our Blog.

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