A Passion for Dance

At Footsteps we all have one thing in common; a passion for dance. Whether it is teaching, learning, performing or supporting, we all know the huge amount of happiness that dancing brings.

Let's start with your teachers. We grew up attending dance classes and being inspired by our own teachers. We then undertook extensive training to ensure we had a comprehensive technical knowledge base to pass on to our own students. Some of us love performing so much that we did that for many years before we started to teach you. Some of us chose to go straight from our own training to training you. One thing is true for us all - waking up every day to teach and inspire our students makes us so happy! Seeing our students' smiling faces and nurturing their growth and development is what we live for and when we see that we have inspired a new generation with our passion, it is the icing on the cake!

Now let's talk about our students. The children who turn up once, twice, three, sometimes even four times, every week, to come and learn to dance. They have busy lives, lots of homework and undoubtedly other important commitments, but they attend our classes regardless. Why? Because they are passionate! Passionate about learning, developing and perfecting their skills. Passionate about being the best dancers they can be. Passionate about performing. Our students have been inspired by their teachers to learn to dance and they show it with their commitment and dedication to their training. It pays off, too. Our competition teams have had some incredible opportunities and they have risen to the challenge and secured places every time, making us incredibly proud!

Finally, we have to mention our supporters. Our own personal cheerleaders, taxis, packed lunch providers, dance clothe laundrettes and timetable co-ordinaters. Our parents. The Mums, Dads and Grandparents at Footsteps have a passion for dance too. They love watching their children grow in confidence, develop their skillset and learn how to perform. They are there every class, every rehearsal, every show and every competition. Their passion enables our students to pursue their passion, which in turn enables our teachers to pass on their passion!

So, whichever category you fit into, wherever your passion for dance lies, know that we share it. We continue to do everything we can to support it and we truly understand what it takes to be a passionate dancer and the places that passion can take you.

Follow Your Feet.

Miss Tori

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